Search Engine Optimization is a service that optimizes your website to make it Search Engine friendly eventually improving the position of your site for a keyword on the search results page. SEO practices, help you in keeping your business website, organization profile, and other important details of your business on the top list of search engines.

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, new things are coming up every day. With that SEO for website is now just one piece of the puzzle. To attract more customers and showcase your brand to the world, you would need to extend yourself to other avenues too. Let’s list out those new avenues which should also be considered as part of your SEO strategy.

App Store, Play Store Optimization

If you already have an app or planning to roll-out an app for your existing online business this is important. App store or Play store optimization is the crucial step to app marketing as users discover most of the apps through app or play store.

Voice Search Engine Optimization

With voice assistant being used by every other user, this is a completely new field that your competitor wouldn’t have focused on. A user performs a voice search when they perform a search using their voice via a home assistant.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is a fantastic opportunity to rank for a competitive keyword in the local area, especially for brick-and-mortar stores. This optimization also ensure that your Google location and Google business mappings are done properly.

Position Zero Search Optimization

This is the new feature on Google. Position Zero results are featured snippet that gives a summary of the “best result.” Getting on to position zero and ensure that there’s a snippet available for the result could help your website immensely to get lot of visitors.


It is not only about how will a website rank for a keyword but also retaining those ranks and traffic – especially with the ever-changing, diversifying, and improving search engine algorithms. That’s where our SEO techniques will help you rank your website on Desktop, Mobile as well as Voice Searches too.