Creative Application & Digital Product Design

Creative Application & Digital Product Design

Design has become one of the central elements to finding innovative solutions to user problems. From focusing on aesthetic style to explicitly becoming user-centric, the evolution of design over the years has given a wide range of potential solutions to complex business problems. Today customers expect seamless and personalized experiences that allow them to interact with brands across touchpoints.

The creative design process is more than just creating services and products, it goes beyond generic solutions and can be effectively applied to systems, procedures, protocols, and customer experiences. In the competitive landscape, enterprises must put creative product design at the core of their business to drive customer loyalty. Brands should assess their design maturity and follow next-gen design thinking approaches to deliver superior, design-led digital experiences that drive business outcomes.

Design thinking is about putting yourself in the shoes of the customer, understanding their needs and frustrations. Design thinking methodology is not problem-focused, it is solution and action-focused and involves both analysis and imagination. By adopting design thinking principles, companies can develop new low-cost working prototypes for various needs and test them in real-time. A successful design thinking process puts the customer first and connects with them on an emotional level. 46% of design leaders say that creating an emotional bond with consumers is one of the defining characteristics of advanced design practice.

How a human-centric design thinking process delivers value

The design thinking process is an iterative, non-linear cycle involving a deep understanding of customers’ unmet needs within the context of a specific problem. The design thinking discovery process incorporates the following principles that work best when used iteratively and in combination with each other.


  1. Empathize: Understand the path of the customer
  2. Analyze: Identify friction and pain points
  3. Ideate: Brainstorm solutions and look for cross-industry inspiration
  4. Prototype: Prioritize ideas and bring definition to the solution
  5. Test: Take the prototypes to the end-users for feedback

Creative Discovery

Human-centered creative discovery approach for software development and design has less focus on hardware and product deployment, and pays more attention to UX that customers will engage with during product usage. The three building blocks of creative discovery are:

  • What goes in it?

Feature set: The feature set includes simple guides to create a usable mobile product. The list of all the features the users may be interested in is created. Followed by the creation of an app definition statement. An app definition statement is a concise, concrete declaration of a product’s main purpose and its intended audience.

  • How will it work?

UX: The process of determining how a user will go about completing a task. This includes refining the newly created featured set, competitive analysis of the feature set followed by the creation of UX wireframes.

  • What will it look like?

UI: The graphic design elements of the product, including transitions and micro interactions, are designed.

Rocksbee’s approach to the Creative Application and Digital Product Design process

Creative product design process becomes real when it is embodied in the team. Design does not end when services or products are launched—it should be incorporated into the customer experience and continuously analyzed to refine and enhance the human experience. Rocksbee’s creative experiences incorporate UX design and development best practices into every step of the application development process. We deliver on three primary activities to initiate a creative design engagement. 1) Creative discovery 2) User experience research 3) Design thinking workshops


While there is much road to travel between today’s capabilities and the emerging vision of the digital future, enterprises should embrace and integrate the creative product design process throughout the digital transformation journey. Experiences that result from the creative product design process are not superficial but enable changes to be made for supporting people, process, and technology. The new CX that arises requires integration and reorchestration of how business relates to customers on all channels. Through an iterative process of observation, ideation, rapid prototyping, and testing, Rocksbee’s creative services blend innovative digital technologies with human-centered design expertise to create meaningful experiences that people love to use. Connect with Rocksbee to design 5-star rating worthy apps and shape digital experiences of the future.

Case Study: Content & Social Media for Dearkart

Case Study: Content & Social Media for Dearkart

Client Name: Dearkart (

Client Industry: eCommerce

Project Type: Content Creation, Social Media Marketing & SEO


  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Brand awareness


  • SEO
  • Facebook and Insta Ads
  • Updated the Site content, Product Descriptions and Recommendations
  • Social Media Marketing


  • Scaled customer engagement to more than 6 times, which helped in scaling revenue 4X within 4 months
Changing Retail landscape and how conventional Retail is going irrelevant to shopper

Changing Retail landscape and how conventional Retail is going irrelevant to shopper

We just shared a news on our team chat about JCP on the verge of going bankrupt. Many of us in our team worked for JCPenney on various stints, have good memories of working there together and still feel attached to the company. So, sharing the news started a round of good discussion on changing retail landscape.

Sharing the excerpt of our team chat which brought lot of good insights and perspective on retail.

Disclaimer: Limited editing. There are typos and spelling mistakes due to chat.


Manoj: JCP failure: what may be the reasons for that?  They deployed best planning and forecasting software (RPAS) along with best retail solution (oracle retail). Does that mean the business is lacking something? Morrisons also could not do any good with their huge oracle apps and oracle retail platform?  where is the gap?

Varun: Amazon as competition and low online capability/infrastructure is what’s and will kill them all

Manoj: Amazon is a challenge everywhere. Still some retailers ready doing well. What else may be differentiating factor for the collapse of JCP?  I think sears retail also collapsed which, once upon a time, was a big one.

Harish: I see lack of innovation in their business model, this is typical challenge with age old family-based businesses I feel. They are late in the game be it omni channel Or online sales

Manoj: Were too late to go online? Is the online supply not good enough? Is the business not good enough to plan properly?  Are shareholders conflicting with business?

Harish: One of the areas they also noticed are their old-fashioned outlets, they tried to remodel last few years to attract people but already late by then

Manoj: Very strong point.  Thanks Harish.

Manoj: Does that mean they could not address the demographics? The store outlet may be ideal for the old people, but not for the youngsters who form the majority of the shoppers now a days. Is it the same with their merchandise?

Harish: Yes both with merchandise and demographics. Recently they have brought fresh look to their outlets (last time i saw may be couple of years back) when they remodeled and it was looking good but they couldn’t market their new look

Manoj: Amazon is definitely the killer. Government of India tool some preventive measures to save the small retailer from such online giants. Yeah. Changing the notion in the minds of people is very tough unless it has a very deep pocket.

Varun: Retailers who are doing well have different retail models/type like Walmart for groceries, dollar tree, seven eleven, Ikea for furniture…or have done a lot in branding like Target. Customer go to them for their special need which Amazon doesn’t fulfil completely as of now. But they are also getting tough competition. Especially since Amazon has bought whole foods and tied up with Kohl’s. Among all this I feel Dollar tree and 7-eleven are comparatively safer. I can be wrong though. Jcp has nothing unique left to visit them except Sephora!

Manoj: Good points. Thanks again.

 Manoj: Ikea in India are not doing well as they are not able to sell furniture. It is just next to my office. I keep visiting their shops in order to understand their business plans. Their boring all white color will not work in India. Not very sure how long will they be able to survive with this store model.

Varun: They are focused right on demographics. But can’t do much if that demographics stop buying from them and go to Amazon. ???? It’s a tectonic shift we are going through in retail. Also Amazon is a marketplace than a regular retailer which helps them put lot more variety with zero investments. They just need to focus on their supply chain. JCP, toys r us, Sears had issue of inventory and investments along with supply chain. Too much work! Shoppers have stopped going to stores. Stores overhaul might not bring them. It may bring some conversion if store goers though. India is a different retail landscape altogether. I was just talking about US for now.

Manoj: This is message for chaps in India. Recently I met with a person who works in Amazon as a Chinese interpreter. He told me not to buy costly electronics from Amazon if it is not fulfilled by Amazon. Most of electronic sellers on Amazon are from China with some Indian or American name and they sell crap items at a cheaper rate.

This decade will be very interesting for Indian retailers.

Varun: Almost all electronics are made in China. ???? Good electronics ke liye …may be just go for known brands. But I doubt FBA has anything to do with good or bad electronics. Instead check for free return policy to trust more.

Manoj: God made the world and rest are made in China. ????????????

Varun: IMO Govt should promote Amazon and other marketplaces. They have empowered common person to run a business, without too much investment on store front. Maybe they should put policies on their commission limits and separate taxation for marketplace and vendor.

Manoj: The steps by Indian government are mostly to reduce the heavy discount they give in various ways in order keep the pricing competitive. Yes, people are selling on Amazon platform and it is promoted in many places now.

Manoj: I am eager to her from Priyanka, the longest serving war-horse for JCP.

Priyanka: Their online channel was a major culprit. their portal is completely messed up. People are not able to search what they want even though Jcp may have the stock.. I did one project last year where the users and business Was not trained enough and they continuously left the key attributes as Null or update it to some legacy world value and hence literally thousands of items didn’t appear dotcom channel. I was working on BIP reports to find of such items by divisions. I myself tried searching many items many times but didn’t get anything. The point that Harish spoke about business was very valid. They didn’t want to change. The New CEO Jill really tried to make it happen. Last one year there were many new efforts to rebrand stuff and change the type of merchandise etc. but still nothing much

I did see lots of difference in the stonebriar store layout and look and feel in the last one year. They tried making it jazzy etc. but sad that nothing worked out. A bit attached to JCP for working that long so feeling sad and will really to upset if they shut down

Manoj: Thanks Priyanka.

Priyanka: Coming to shopping, I shopped most of my stuff from JCP as they were not as expensive as Macys or cheap as Walmart. They did have variety but not sure about the American mindset

Naveen: Issues with JCP:

1. Decline of JCP started in Ron Johnson’s era, Jcp was always a mid-aged, middle class American store. That is their customer segment which went upside down, remember that segment of customers seldom do online.

2. Let’s not forget that Amazon is still a supply chain company and not a retailer, of course there is competition but not giant killer.

3. Own brand label forms 60% of JCP business, again the customer segment loss hit this part, Sijcp & Disney inside Jcp did balance out but not much penetration

4. Did not focus on acquisition & internationalization (especially for its size of business)

5. Flux in top leadership?

6. I personally thought appliances would life them up but looks like no.

7. Have been following the stock from past 6 months. I thought

Varun: Very good points. Not sure on point 2 though. Online shifted the buying behavior of people. Amazon and other online marketplaces have taken over the fair share from almost all mall- based retailers.

All these retailers generally compare their store sales vs online sales. Where online is a very small percent. So, it never gets enough focus. The bigger issue is that their store sales is shrinking/stagnated due to competition from outside, which is prominently online.

Manoj: Thanks everyone for this discussion!

4 new Search Engine Optimizations to enhance your reach

4 new Search Engine Optimizations to enhance your reach

Search Engine Optimization is a service that optimizes your website to make it Search Engine friendly eventually improving the position of your site for a keyword on the search results page. SEO practices, help you in keeping your business website, organization profile, and other important details of your business on the top list of search engines.

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, new things are coming up every day. With that SEO for website is now just one piece of the puzzle. To attract more customers and showcase your brand to the world, you would need to extend yourself to other avenues too. Let’s list out those new avenues which should also be considered as part of your SEO strategy.

App Store, Play Store Optimization

If you already have an app or planning to roll-out an app for your existing online business this is important. App store or Play store optimization is the crucial step to app marketing as users discover most of the apps through app or play store.

Voice Search Engine Optimization

With voice assistant being used by every other user, this is a completely new field that your competitor wouldn’t have focused on. A user performs a voice search when they perform a search using their voice via a home assistant.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO is a fantastic opportunity to rank for a competitive keyword in the local area, especially for brick-and-mortar stores. This optimization also ensure that your Google location and Google business mappings are done properly.

Position Zero Search Optimization

This is the new feature on Google. Position Zero results are featured snippet that gives a summary of the “best result.” Getting on to position zero and ensure that there’s a snippet available for the result could help your website immensely to get lot of visitors.


It is not only about how will a website rank for a keyword but also retaining those ranks and traffic – especially with the ever-changing, diversifying, and improving search engine algorithms. That’s where our SEO techniques will help you rank your website on Desktop, Mobile as well as Voice Searches too.

4 important things to take care while using LinkedIn for Organic Lead Generation

4 important things to take care while using LinkedIn for Organic Lead Generation

LinkedIn is an incredible stage for people and organizations hoping to grow the system, find new customers, and build up your self as an idea head in your industry, particularly if your optimal client is B2B organizations. To keep the stage clean, LinkedIn authorizes a ton of rules like the quantity of associations you can send, profile visits you make, messages you send, posts your offer, and the proportion of various associations you have sent to the acknowledged solicitations, and gives you a quantitative score as your Social Selling Index (SSI). LinkedIn Organic Lead Generation administration can assist you with making new associations, create leads, and improve your SSI.

4 important things which you should take care:

  1. LinkedIn Profile
  2. Target Audience
  3. Messaging
  4. Social Selling Index

1. LinkedIn Profile

Having a strong profile to attract leads is an important step which is often the toughest one and mostly ignored. Create a LinkedIn profile or tidy up your current LinkedIn profile to cause it to pull in visitors and present all the more engaging profile after a connection request has been sent.

2. Target Audience

Do extensive brainstorming sessions and research to understand your ideal customer and use advanced search features to search such potential leads; read their LinkedIn profile before sending a connection request.

3. Messaging

Write a concise and impactful elevator pitch message of about 100-150 words; this message will introduce you, your company, your services or products, and a clear call-to-action.

4. Social Selling Index (SSI)

Track LinkedIn’s SSI score to measure you and your company’s performance based on how you are creating a professional brand, engaging with insights, connecting with the right people, and building strong relationships.


LinkedIn Lead generation is highly effective for B2B companies to grow their client base in no time. At Rocksbee, we offer the LinkedIn Organic Lead Generation service keeping you in mind. Our differentiation lies in generating leads organically on LinkedIn like an extension of yourself. Rocksbee team is trained to become a front-facing/back-end LinkedIn Lead Generation service provider for you.

Contact more and help you build a strong Lead generation process for your business. Get in touch or just us an email at [email protected]